• Synchronet v3.19b upgrade

    From Digital Man@VERT to All on Mon Jan 3 07:23:00 2022
    The Synchronet v3.19b for Windows upgrade archive (sbup319b.zip) was originally botched and included executeables and libraries from v3.18b, though all the other files were from v3.19b. Whoops.

    The upgrade archive has been updated on Vertrauen (soon to be re-uploaded to SourceForge) and the details are:
    File MD5 : 4385d6348ccf1e02f5ca37eaa9f3cf14
    File SHA-1 : 7429c7ccfdddc2feb9f9ca324a3016ec1eee06aa

    Hopefully there are no more issues with the upgrade (I performed some basic testing), but please let me know either way.
    digital man (rob)

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