• RIP: Jack Swindell

    From Digital Man@VERT to All on Tue Apr 16 17:18:00 2019
    Just a head's up: my father passed away this morning at the age of 74.

    He's had multiple myeloma (blood cancer) for 3 years and the past 6 months has been a real struggle and steady decline (including cardiac arrest in November) - so it's a relief to the family in many respects, but we will miss him dearly. He was definitely the patriarch of the family and will leave a unmistakeable power void.

    He didn't want to leave and faught hard to the end through undescribable suffering. He's leaves a legacy of his wife of 30 years, my brother and I, our wives and my 3 daughters - his grandchildren.

    My dad bought my brother and I our first computer (a Commodore VIC-20) and supported our hobbies and interests with enthusiasm our entire lives.

    He was a successful real estate developer, investor, and financier. He had no interest in retirement and worked to the end. He loved shopping for fishing boats and real estate and buying and selling the same, but mostly... boats. Lots of boats. Anyone in the market for a 33 or 36' Wellcraft? :-)



    digital man

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