• Synchronet v3.17b release

    From Digital Man@VERT to All on Tue Jan 1 09:45:00 2019
    Synchronet v3.17, under development since the release of v3.16c in 2015, has been officially released and dubbed v3.17b (no, the 'b' is not for beta).

    What changed (since v3.16)?

    - IPv6 support
    - TLS everywhere (HTTPS, FTPS, SMTPS, POP3S, NNTPS, etc.)
    - SSH server reliability and compatibility improvements
    - User avatars (across local and networked message bases)
    - Polls and message up/down voting (across local and networked message bases)
    - Integrated Fido/BinkP mailer (BinkIT.js)
    - Revamped inter-bbs instant messaging
    - Revamped BBS list module (sbbslist v4)
    - Custom/loadable/contextual terminal fonts
    - Custom terminal palettes (full XBin support)
    - CBM/PETSCII terminal support (including 40-column terminals)
    - echicken's web interface v4 included (current snapshot)
    - Numerous performance and usability improvements and bug-fixes

    The fresh installer for Windows is at ftp://ftp.synchro.net/sbbs317b.zip
    The upgrade package (e.g. from v3.16c) is at ftp://ftp.synchro.net/sbup317b.zip

    If you're already running v3.17a (development version), just update according to the instructions here: http://wiki.synchro.net/install:dev

    Many thanks to Deuce, echicken, Nelgin, and all the other active sysops, users, testers, contributors and providers of helpful feedback!

    digital man

    Synchronet/BBS Terminology Definition #6:
    BinkD = Binkley Daemon
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