• New Synchronet TCP/IP ser

    From Digital Man@VERT to All on Sun Sep 11 18:05:00 2016
    For the convenience of Synchronet Sysops:

    Not sure if your BBS's TCP/IP ports are open to the Internet? Not sure what your public IP address currently is? From your BBS computer, go to this web-page and enter the password, 'sbbs': http://vert.synchro.net/scanmyports.ssjs

    Since Vertrauen is only IPv4 at the moment, so is this scanning page. :-)

    I know there are many very similar tools on the Internet (e.g. canyouseeme.org), but this one is tuned specifically for Synchronet sysops and checks all the common Synchronet TCP/IP sevices.

    digital man

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