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    From Digital Man@VERT to All on Mon May 11 11:18:00 2015
    I'm preparing a v3.16 Windows installation package (yes, an official release of
    v3.16b, no the 'b' does not stand for 'beta').

    I could use your test results and feedback. This is for *new* installs only (not for use for upgrading existing installations), on Windows XP SP3 and later: http://vert.synchro.net/setup.exe

    Installing on a spare computer or VM and testing all the features and providing
    expedient feedback would be greatly appreciated.

    This installer can install Synchronet as NT services and SEXPOTS (for dial-up support) automatically if you choose. The FOSSIL/VUART driver (sbbsexec.dll) should be automatically copied to the system32 directory during installation. When installing on 64-bit editions, the 16-bit DOS program support should be automatically disabled in the sbbs.ini as well (gracefully refusing to try to run 16-bit DOS programs).

    Do *not* install over your existing Synchronet installation if you have one as this will wipe out your existing configuration and data files. Just don't do it. :-)

    Of most interest are the included 3rd party components (e.g. slyedit, games, web UIs). Please test these and provide your feedback.

    The version number and copyright date will change in the final build, but no other changes are currently planned for the v3.16b release.


    digital man

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