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    From Digital Man@VERT to All on Mon Jul 28 17:50:00 2014
    A good friend of mine and substantial contributor to what has become an important element of BBS history: Synchronet, Steve Deppe, passed on on July 10th, 2014 at the age of 56.

    Steve was a significant influence on me, as a musican and programmer. He was indirectly responsible for the name of my BBS (Vertrauen) and came up with the name "Synchronet", for the BBS software I would later write with his help and inspiration. He and I shared many laughs by implementing user-tormenting features such as r0dent-write, the 'Y' restriction, and The Guru chat. Steve had a wicked sense of a humor and was very methodical and detailed in everything he did. He will be dearly missed.

    His personal (terse) web-site is at http://stevedeppe.com/

    His obituary is online at http://bit.ly/1lQ9iXJ

    I've begun to recollect our relationship online at http://wiki.synchro.net/person:ille_homine_albe

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