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    From Digital Man@VERT to All on Sat Sep 14 18:51:00 2013
    The existing user accounts on the wiki are no longer used and the Vertrauen user base is used for authentication/authorization instead. So if you want to contribute/edit content on wiki.synchro.net, you just need a user account on Vertrauen (which most of you probably already have). Even your QWKnet account can be used to authenticate and create/edit content.

    Thanks to Deuce for the cool new DokuWiki authsbbs plugin!

    Also, I recently upgraded the DokuWiki installed version so if you notice anything broken that previously wasn't, please let us know.

    Thanks and enjoy!

    digital man

    Synchronet "Real Fact" #41:
    Rob Swindell was laughed out of a FidoNet Net103 (OC, Calif.) meeting in 1992. Weather station currently offline (out for repair)

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