• SEXPOTS v1.25-Win32 Relea

    From Digital Man@VERT to All on Mon Jul 6 10:52:00 2009
    SEXPOTS v1.25-Win32 (the second official release of SEXPOTS) has been released: ftp://vert.synchro.net/Synchronet/sexpots.zip

    This update forces the port/modem into N-8-1 mode which resolves issues with internal modems whose ports default to E-7-1 for some unknown reason.

    This program can be used to add dial-up modem support to your Windows TCP/Socket/Telnet-based BBS software (e.g. Synchronet-Win32).

    You can see this program in action by using a modem to connect to 951-549-9994 (Vertrauen).

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