• Synchronet for macOS (?)

    From Digital Man@VERT to All on Sun Mar 24 01:22:32 2024
    Deuce recently added an Intel-based Mac mini to the set of build servers we use to rebuild Synchronet everytime there's a commit to the Synchronet git repository (at gitlab.synchro.net), mainly for SyncTERM v1.2 builds for MacOS (release pending).

    However, as a part of this effort, he got Synchronet building for MacOS too (but just Intel-based Macs). As far as I know, this is the first time that Synchronet BBS software has been built and run on a Mac successfully. So... if you have an Intel Mac running MacOS X 12.0 or later, and are interested in trying to build and run Synchronet on it, now's your chance.

    We don't yet have specific instructions on the wiki, but I suspect much of the *nix instructions will apply.

    While SyncTERM 1.2 is expected to be built and release for both Intel and Apple silicon Macs, there's no urgecy to get Synchronet building for Apple silicon Macs (neither of us actually own an Apple silicon Mac yet).

    If you have questions or issues, #synchronet at irc.synchro.net would be the best place to discuss,
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