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    From Digital Man@VERT to All on Sun Sep 25 09:33:00 2005
    Doors that rely on the accuracy of the "SBBSNODE" environment variable will have a problem running on one or all Synchronet v3.13a-Win32 nodes *if* you set the SBBSNODE environment variable in your system.

    Examples of a door that could have problems include all XSDK doors (Synchronet BBS List, Blackjack, and Match Maker), Domain Entertainment doors (Beast's Domain, Poker, Dicewar, etc.), and Evan Elias' doors (DoorMUD and Tournament Trivia).

    The fix is to simply *remove* the SBBSNODE environment variable from your system's environment variable list.

    Synchronet sets this environment variable for you (to the correct value) when running external programs, but v3.13a-Win32 will not over-ride existing values, if the variable is already defined. If you have any external utilities that require this environment variable (all the utilities that have been updated for Syncrhonet v3 use the "SBBSCTRL" environment variable) - just set the variable as needed or in a batch file when its needed.

    Synchronet v3.13b-Win32 (no release date) will have this problem fixed, of course. :-)

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