• Bug: UDP MX-Record Query

    From Digital Man@VERT to All on Thu May 13 11:10:00 2004
    Bug Report:

    I recently discovered a long standing bug in the sendmail portion of the Syncrhonet Mail Server. Retrieiving (DNS query) of MX-records for a particular domain name using UDP (instead of TCP) could fail to find the MX-records and return the domain portion of the destination e-mail address instead (which may or may not be the correct mail exchange for that domain). This problem applies to UDP-based MX-Record look-ups only and has been fixed for the next release (v3.11c).


    Use TCP DNS queries instead of UDP, by checking the "TCP" checkbox in the mail server configuration dialog (in SBBSCTRL-Win32), or by adding USE_TCP_DNS to the Options value in the [Mail] key of your Synchronet initialization file (ctrl/sbbs.ini).

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