• Cloud surfer glider.

    From KK4QBN@VERT/KK4QBN to All on Wed Jan 18 13:29:00 2017
    Weather was excellent today, So took the cloud surfer glider up and one of my local flying areas by the Mountain and had a blast.

    Was able to ride some killer thermals and wind that sweeps over the mountain and down into the valley. Only had to use enough battery to get the bird up in the air, Mother Nature took care of the rest and the bird flew the currents and surfed the wind like an eagle.

    Kicked it in rate mode and tried some acro flight (yes with my glider) and had tons of fun, was able to do some good flips, rolls, inverted flight. and even unpowered acro (powered by mother nature) was a blast. wish I would have forgot my camera, would have strapped it on and took everyone for a ride.


    Tim Smith (KK4QBN)

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